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Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Commercials

First off let me say Congratulations to all of you Green Bay Fans and to me and all of the Steelers Fans - We will be back next year!  
‎"Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose"
~Bill Cowher~

Another reason so many of us watch the Super Bowl is for all of the entertaining commercials that make there debut during the Super Bowl.  If you missed the Super Bowl last night here are a few of my favorite commercials.  

A few things that I'm working on this week ....

Valentines Day Card box & Valentines 

Pom Pom bracelets for kids

Toy Story 3 Party Details...

And most importantly I'm looking for the cord to my camera charger--- it's still missing!!!  I'm getting tired of taking pictures from my blackberry!!  I found the base but the cord is still MIA -  Oh where oh where can my camera cord be?  

Happy Monday Everyone!!! 

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  1. ahhhh.. the only good part of the SuperBowl.....

    thanks for the Follow...I'm following back.


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