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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ten on Ten

Well, I’m two days late with this post ……. and behind on a few other posts!  I feel like since the last week in May my life has been in a whirlwind between dance recital, end of the year activities, getting ready for Lilly’s birthday and if that’s not enough I got poison ivy!!!  Which I have never had before and nor do I EVER want it it again!!  I’ve been dealing with this poison Ivy since June 2nd – because on June 1st I did yard work to get ready for Lilly’s birthday party.   In the six years we’ve lived in our house no one has ever got poison ivy!  Well, I’ve learned I’m highly allergic to it and Monday morning I woke up and I told Chris something was wrong and of course he thought I was over reacting until he saw my arms!  Then he said , Aim they might be putting you in the hospital – YIKES!  Are you Serious?  I don’t have time of this crap!!!  OMG – my arms look awful and I’m so thankful right now the weather in Ohio has been on a chilly side that I can still sport a long sleeve top and right now it might be the end of summer you see me in a short sleeve top!   So I’ve learned I’m HIGHLY allergic to poison ivy and my first round of prednisone that will work on normal people didn’t help me one bit and wasn’t enough that my arms swelled up!  Monday, I was back at the doctors and had to get a shot of cortisone and now I’m on a high dose of steroids – Well so much for the 8'lbs I just lost!  It’s so depressing …. uggh!  At the rate my arm looks like now, I might not be running in my race next weekend because seriously, no one will want me to wear a short sleeve shirt! 


Well onto my recap of what I’ve been up and hopefully I will start feeling better so I can finish putting all my  posts to together! 


10 on 10 – June 10th

Read more here about ten on ten

a little of my day …..


photo (146)

Week 2 back at the doctors trying to get some relief from this poison ivy! 

As I sat here, I was still freaking myself out that I was going to the hospital 

photo (147)

Today, Lilly signed up for summer reading program again at the library ….

She loves reading Junie B and insisted she bring the book into the store… 


photo (148)

Stopped at the grocery store for a few dinner things …..

So cheated today!  I never buy store meatballs

but I was in so much pain that I didn’t care ;)


photo (149)

While at the library she talked me into borrowing a movie – The Smurfs? 

Who could say no?  I mean the cute loveable blue Smurf! 

Now, I just need to remember to return it ;)


photo (150)

Oreo’s always make things feel better …… 


photo (151)

Picked up a 200 count box of Fla-Vor-Ice at Sam’s

These just scream Summer! 


Well that was part of my day on the 10th ……


Here’s a quick recap of what else I’ve been up to …..

Dance Recital

Lilly Danced in two dance routines this year … Jazz and Hip Hop



Hip Hop  “calling all monsters”



Jazz –

this year they danced to It’s a Hard Knock Life from Annie

Happy Birthday!!

Someone turned Seven on June 6th


I can’t believe this little girl is Seven years old!!! 


American Girl Birthday Party {The Preppy Strawberry}

Last weekend, we had 12 girls (7 year olds) over for Lilly’s kids party ….

This year’s theme was American Girl Party here’s a peek ….. {blog post coming soon}

American Girl Birthday Party {The Preppy Strawberry}

backdrop for the American Girl Red Carpet photo booth


Life Size American Girl Box {The Preppy Strawberry}


Last Day of School ……


The Preppy Strawberry


The Preppy Strawberry

Look at how grown up she looks?  #stopgrowingup



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