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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A time to invest in myself

For weeks, I’ve been staring at my camera card and every night after work my goal is to upload the pictures from projects and schedule a blog post.  Well, that hasn’t happened and my evenings after work go more like this …… quick snack, back out the door, drop off at an activity, go back and pick up, make dinner, homework, organize clothes for the next day….. and so on and so on!  Most days I’m exhausted by bed time!! 

I think every morning as I’m rushing around how much I would love to have every day from 7:30am – 2:30 to myself to get caught up on stuff around the house, work on blog posts, and then at 2:30 be ready to do what I need to do as a Mom.  Well, right now that window of time is not mine and probably never will be and most days I’m OK with that because I know I’m helping provide the extra things, the mortgage and the other fun household stuff (joy joy) but hey that’s life and I hope by both of us working it’s instilling in my daughter hard work, the ability to juggle what life throws at you, and most of all the teaching her that we do not quit things because they are hard but we find a way to make it work.   It may seem to most that I “quit” this blog at times but honestly it’s probably something I think about every day – No, it is something I think about every day!  But my goal is to be family first, work, and then this blog and now my goal is to make some changes to allow me to have that extra window of time and planning better so my camera card stops filling up with pictures that I need to edit and write that blog post.  


So here’s to a new challenge…… Why wait for the New Year?  I really have never had much luck with New Years Resolutions so I’m giving this a try!


The saying above is fitting for me ….. for so long I thought I knew who I was an what I was supposed to be doing with my life.   I went to college and I graduated and I got a job right out of school… and well that’s what I did work and traveled with friends every year.   Until one day 8 years later and after several promotions and working my way up the salary ladder the carpet was pulled out from underneath me and I was forced to find myself.  I know I’m still finding myself but in the course of the years of being laid off and starting new jobs I have found my true passion but other things and timing of everything have not played to my advantage of pursuing and investing in myself.  After losing a job and losing an large part of the household income meant finding a “JOB” not finding what I was truly passionate about….. The passionate stuff is pretty much what I blog about or make it my hobby but in the back of my mind and wheels are spinning all the time about how and what to take to the next level. 

As part of my challenge is to invest in myself there are several things that I have on my list I want to do and to attend this upcoming year.  So, as I sat down to write this post and wait for the school bus to arrive I decided to look ahead at some dates.. You know to plan better ;)  It’s been a goal of mine to attend Blissdom so today, I thought let me check the dates for 2014. OH MY WORD – there is no longer going to be a BLISSDOM conference!  Oh how sad!  This was one of the “invest” in myself things that I was looking to do.   



Ok, Blogger friends what other conference are you going to or do you recommend?  I’m so bummed that there will not be a Blissdom 2014 :(


Oh happy 11/12/13!  I have  thing for weird dates that happen during a year …. It’s been something I think about after having an 06-06-06 baby and my gradmother was born on 10/10/10 which in 2010 was a thought of mine to try for #2 and plan for October baby but well that never happened but thought it would be cool thing to happen. 


Some fun projects coming soon!  I’m already gearing up for the Holidays with my first Holiday party- Thanksgiving!! 



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  1. hey amy... just read your post and can't believe that blissdom is no more... we'll have to have another chips and salsa night soon to discuss ;)


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