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Monday, March 10, 2014

Ten on Ten–March 2014

I’m so happy it’s March!  This Winter has been nothing but brutal and it doesn’t seem to want to give us much of a break!  Today, we hit about 56 degrees which by the way in Ohio is a heat wave!!!  But it’s just a tease because the weather people are calling for snow and maybe up to 6 or more inches come Wednesday this week! 

Winter – I’m so over you!  Just give Spring a chance ;) :)

So onto my Ten on Ten – It’s been a while since I linked up to 10 on 10 but figured it was a great way to get back into the swing of things.  You can read more about Ten on Ten Right over at A bit of Sunshine


Life gets really busy and my focus has been on a lot more things around the house and work and well playing taxi drive for my daughter.  We have now entered into the crazy season of dance competition.  I’m tossing myself to the wolves on this one but We’ve been involved with worse activities so I’m pretty sure I can grasp the ropes of dance competitions. 

So here‘s a peak into my day ….



See that time – 7:20 my hair was wet; Lilly still needed to brush her teeth and hair and be outside on the porch by 7:30!!!  Yup, I had a conference call at 7:30 but I had to be ready to walk out the door right after my call.  Some days, I really do not know how I do it?!  Some how her and I manage to make it all work – running a little behind was thanks to Spring Ahead and me not being able to fall asleep last night.


conference call 

7:30 Conference calls – I really do not mind early conference calls but these just so happen to fall in the 5 min window of Lilly’s bus coming and I have to watch her get on the bus.  My calls last about 1 1/2 hours so I can’t really just run her up to school after.  But notice the screen shot … My manager listed out the basics of good attitude which can be applied to a lot and I can even relate these to my One Little Word. 



Best money spent on my Sirius XM radio subscription –  right after I picked up my Dunkin Donuts coffee and started out in my territory this oldie but goodie came on!  Milli Vanilli – reminds me of the summer and hanging out at the swim club with all my friends in HS. 



I pretty much eat lunch on the go in my car – Today, only breakfast came on the go with me but I stopped for some Hummus.  I picked up the large container because last time my husband was mad I didn’t have enough to share … hehe! Oops!  Oh well , took care of that this time. 


view out my roof

you know 56 degrees in Ohio – time to open the sun roof!  Yes, that is the sun and it wasn’t freezing here today!  woo hoo!!  I will take total advantage of these almost Spring Days!



made a little lunch time purchase – I love photography! I took two year of photography in school and loved every minute of it! 


picked Lilly up from after school and headed home – Barkley finally got some play time out side! 


lilly bike

Yes, the bike made it’s 2nd appearance today since being put away for the Winter.  See that sun – yes it’s really the sun!!!




made meximelts for dinner – I will share the recipe this week!  Super easy for the busy nights!



and we ended the long day with a reading and taking a test. We are still playing catch up from missing 4 days of school last week.  Phew!  One more test to do and we will be all caught up! ;)



Happy Ten on Ten ! 


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