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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day of Fall


I can’t believe today is the first day of Fall!  It literally feels like we were just spending every afternoon and weekend at the pool and now we have officially entered into Fall!  You can definitely tell that Fall has arrived because here in Ohio we are waking up to crisp cool mornings in the 50’s.  My two favorite seasons are Summer and Fall and if you could classify Christmas as a season I would include Christmas but I’m really not a winter girl – at all but I love the holidays!

My Favorite 10 things about Fall are …..

 1.)  the change of weather and watching the leaves change colors

2)  Football – I love football season!  I’ve always loved going to football games and this year on the bucket list was to attend our Alumni Homecoming at the University of Cincinnati but that was last weekend and well we missed it because of work project deadlines.  So I will be adding that to next years bucket list!   In our house we are big Ohio State Fans along with our college alma maters of UC, Ohio University and  Youngstown State University. 

3) Back to School –  I love back to school!   I mean who doesn’t really like a fresh start?  Now that Lilly is older and she loves to clothes shop it makes back to school shopping fun!  Her favorite part is trying on clothes?!  <—I know crazy right?  A kid that likes to try on clothes?!    But then again who doesn’t love a few new outfits and fresh box of crayons! 

I have two mantles in the house and I always try to decorate them with a holiday theme so this month it was a back to school theme….  This week I’m pulling out the Halloween box and going to change the mantle …... Here’s a little of what I did for September for Back to School

{The Preppy Strawberry} Back to School Mantle Ideas

4)  Boots -  I love fall shoes!  I can’t wait to buy some new boots for this season.  I’ve already started looking just haven’t found the right pair!

5)  Leaves – well we live in  old neighborhood so we have lots of trees which means once the leaves start falling we have lots of leaves to pick up.  Not a job, I like but thankful we have riding mower that makes that job a little easier!  But one advantage is raking up a big pile for Lilly to jump around in!  Something, I always remember doing as a kid. 

One of my favorite pictures of Lil from 2008 – I feel like she was just 2 years old



6)  Cider and Donuts – We’ve already hit the fruit farm up for cider and donuts and this is one of my favorite weekend treats! 

7)  Pumpkins  – Every year since Lilly was little we’ve always gone to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins – so we will be going one weekend very soon!  Can you believe October 1st is next week?  

On another note, I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of “pumpkin food/drink craze “  Don’t get me wrong,  I will have  maybe one PSL during the fall season but you won’t see me over using the #PSL hashtag!  Don’t judge – I just can’t get on that pumpkin bandwagon!  

8)  Apple picking – This is something I’ve wanted to do but timing just never works out but this fall activity of apple picking is going on my bucket list for next year?  Have you ever gone apple picking?

9)  Halloween -  my favorite part of Halloween is decorating and helping Lil decide on this years Halloween costume.  This year if she sticks with her idea will be a unique costume!  Something she thought of all on her own and I don’t think it’s a very popular choice….. Only time will tell!


halloween doorREV


10.)  Fall Clothes – I’m a jeans girl and I love fall clothes!  An outfit like this would be something definitely you would find in my closet!




So what are you favorite fall activities? 



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