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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

School Memories

As September comes to a close what were your favorite school memories? Good Or Bad?  

When I think of back to school memories, I think of back to school supplies, football games, pep rallies, the crazy fashion of the 80’s , and sleepovers.  I always loved going back to school shopping for clothes and supplies.  I can remember spending hours organizing all of it and packing up my new back pack.

Elementary School memories – I just remember in 2nd grade gym class we learned to square dance.  Which meant we got paired up with a boy which was awful! I remember everyone hated it and at that age we thought boys were gross!  One of my favorite class room jobs when I was in grade school was to clean the erasers!  Can you imagine in today’s world sending a kid to clean and eraser?  I’m sure there would be some law suit against the school for putting a child in little room to turn on the eraser machine and inhale all that chalk dust!  Well just like everything else that wasn’t safety regulated in the 70’s and 80’s I survived!  I couldn’t wait to be the big 4th grader because in Gym class this year we go to ride bikes on the playground during Gym when we learned about bike safety.  We rode the cool bikes with banana seats!   Remember those bikes? 

Once, I got to Middle School and High School everything was about my friends, who you would sit with at lunch, what clothes you had and who was going to drive you to the mall on the weekend.  High School was pretty much the same minus the mall stuff – You know hanging with friends, getting your drivers licenses, who was having the party that weekend.   You know Important stuff! 

So let’s talk 80’s school supplies …

1. Trapper Keeper – Yeah, I owned a few of these!  Including the vintage denim  3 ring notebooks that I used to doodle all over!  Look familiar? 

trapper keeper       binder

                                                 images from pinterest

   2.   Reinforcements – haha!  Remember these little guys?  You know you had these in the pencil bag because you had to keep all of your papers tidy in your trapper keeper! 


        images from pinterest


80’s fashion- love it or Hate?

Reebok High Tops – I’m pretty sure my parents bought me several pairs during each school year because I wore them every day!

You know when you wore your Reebok high tops your pants had to be pegged perfectly and you had to have at least 2 pairs of different colored socks on!  What were we thinking?!  Yikes! 

reebok         peg your pants

                                                 images from pinterest


Jean Jackets & Fashion buttons -  I haven’t thought about all those buttons I collected in years but now after seeing this picture I wonder what happened to all of them?  Did you collect buttons for your jean jacket? 



Swatch Watch

I had a few of these and Yes I wore them all at the same time!  You know because that makes a ton of sense ;)


swatch watch

             images from pinterest


so what were your favorite school memories? 

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