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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We love laceez!

complimentary laceez were sent to me for review by mylaceez
Elastic No Tie Laces for kids ….. Sounds pretty awesome right? 
These laces are amazing see below for more info about where you can get Laceez for your kids shoes!! 
Laceez Review {The Preppy Strawberry} 
You heard me right  NO TIE ELASTIC SHOE LACES for kids!  I know,  I had you at no tie kids shoes right?  Well let me introduce you to laceez an elastic no tie shoe lace for kids.  Your kids might be able to tie there own shoes but I’m sure we’ve all had that one pair of kids shoes that you feel like you are constantly tying!  Every pair of Nike tennis shoes we buy  Lilly the laces never stay tied!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in an aisle at the Grocery store or Target while we tied those shoes!!   It’s so Frustrating  and feels like I’m waiting 10 min just to tie shoes!  Well Laceez has solved that problem for us!  

Laceez Review {The Preppy Strawberry}

Laceez Review {The Preppy Strawberry}
Last week, Jason from Laceez contacted me about trying out some laceez for my daughters shoes.   Of course I said Yes!  We were so excited to try the laceez out that Lilly was keeping a close eye out for that package to arrive!  When it did arrive she had it ripped open in seconds and was holding a package laceez and was ready to switch out those Nike shoes laces.  Sorry, Nike we love your shoes but your laces never stay tied and have now been replaced with Laceez! 
Sorry,  the Nike Running shoes are a little beat up and not as pretty to picture as her sequin shoes but just to show you how I used laceez in her Nikes.  The only problem I had was Nike has these little loops instead of an actual eyelet so we tried lacing the laceez through the loop both times and it didn’t work very well ?!  So  I ending up skipping one of the loops and the laceez worked perfect! 

photo 3 (4) REV
photo 1 (5) REV

The laceez come in these cute little boxes and retail for 7.99.  These laceez would make a perfect gift or package topper, a great way to fill Christmas stockings, and well lets just say the Easter Bunny might be bring a couple pair of Laceez in her Easter basket.   Visit Laceez to check out all the colors and sizes available! 
photo 2 (3)
Look how cute this packaging is? 

Laceez Review {The Preppy Strawberry}

  Laceez Review {The Preppy Strawberry}
Here’s why we love Laceez!  
1.)  you can make any tie shoe into a slip on shoe
2)  they stay tied and snug on her foot
3)  safety- no more running with laces untied
4)  saves time – because now she can just slip on her shoes!

A little bit about Laceez
We started Laceez in 2013 to be a classic solution to a common problem: Make every shoe a slip-on, and look much better on your feet at the same time. We put together some prototypes, sought out some of the highest quality (and custom) elastic we could find, and began testing. Once we saw that it really worked, it was all in.
Everyone always wants the quick and easy slide on of a shoe but its just not practical to get that in every shoe that you buy. Nor can you get rid of those pesky laces always flapping around over your shoe.
Shoelaces come untied… Laceez do not. Shoe laces can often be an unsightly nuisance when the laces are dangling around all the time…Laceez give the appearance of a sleek, laced shoe.
Shoelaces can be inconvenient for kids and elderly, or people who just like slipping on their shoes and going…. Laceez no-tie shoelaces provide that slip-on convenience.
We hope you love our product and buy them with every new pair of shoes you buy. Our goal is to keep you and your kids happy and comfortable.

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  1. Cool...reminds me of Synch Bands, though! My son loves them. Ever since we saw them at a skate shop in SD a few years ago, we swap out the laces of every shoe he's got. OMG, what a life changer! My husband even puts them in his running shoes. Looks like Laceez is just for kids, Synch Bands has adult sizes plus they are adjustable :)


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