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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What would you do with an extra $100.00?

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So what would you do with an extra $100.00?

The Preppy Strawberry

 Recently, my husband signed up for Dollar Shave club after a few conversations with some friends.  Did you know that by signing up for Dollar Shave club you can save up to $100.00 a year!!  I don't know about you but I can think of a few things I  could do with an extra $100.00!!  My husband just recently received his first box of razors from the dollar shave club!  

The Preppy Strawberry

By no means am I coupon clipping queen!  In fact, I hate coupons unless I can use the coupon code from a text or email  if not 99% of the time I leave them at home or in my car and then they never get used!  But with this there is no coupon you just get the awesome deal!  So with the help of my daughter we came up with a list of what we would do (some her's and some are mine) with an extra $100.00!

So here's my list ..... 

  1. buy a new camera lens 
  2. definitely stock up on some of my favorite make-up products
  3. go out for dinner and drinks 
  4. buy some new clothes 
  5. stock up on some of my favorite essential oils  
And here's how my daughter would spend an extra 100.00 
  1. buy art supplies (Lilly)
  2. buy Season 1 Shopkins
  3. Shopping Trip to Justice
  4. extra trips to the Dairy Queen 
So what are you waiting for  go sign up and share what you would do with an extra $100.00

Still thinking about saving that $100.00?  Click here https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/blades for more information about the monthly deal.   

Still thinking? Read more about Dollar Shave club here http://mashable.com/category/dollar-shave-club/

I'm sure you are ready by now to save 100.00 right?  You can check out the deal here http://shaved.by/ckNni

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  1. I would go shopping for sure with an extra $100 and buy some clothes for our upcoming Disney trip! I have heard of this club from several bloggers, I need to ask my husband if he's heard of it.


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