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Friday, May 20, 2011

I need a clone

Is it wrong to wish I had a clone?  I've been back to work PT (33 hours) a week but my world has been turned upside down!  I now no longer to preschool drop off and I'm working three 11 hour days and some days a 1/2 day on Thursday's.  Which by Thursday afternoon my house looks like a tornado whipped through it, dog hair on the wood floors <--which this right here makes me crazy!!  My basement laundry shoot is overflowing and all I want to do is sit down and cry!  These are days I wish someone did all of the above for me so I could just come home and relax with the family!  Notice, I haven't even talked about the upstairs because that will just put me over the edge!! I'm one who likes a house picked up and cleaned and things put away.  I do realize that with a kid my house isn't going to be that picture perfect magazine shoot!  But how relaxing that would be to come home to a clean house every night!! ;) Along with this new job I'm still crafting and working on new projects but honestly most days I'm just exhausted and planning for the next day which is why there has been a lack of postings on my blog!  I love blogging and I love meeting new friends through the blogging world.  I miss blogging and one of my goals for this summer is to find a balance between my work schedule, family life, to get back to blogging on a regular basis.  When I lost my FT job in 2009, I started blogging and it helped me cope with a lot of personal things I had going on in my life and well still do.  It gave me something positive to do and some days I made into my job!  I'm that person that can not sit still and I'm always busy doing something or volunteering at school or church.   

Lots of things have happened since I last posted including we had our first visit from the tooth fairy!!!  Yes, very unexpectedly one Saturday night as Lilly had an accident and she knocked out on of her front teeth!  As you can see from her new smile below.   This story might make a good idea for another post of one of those mom moments that you will never be prepared for!!   

Isnt' her new smile cute!!!  It's bitter sweet because she is no longer my baby but my little girl who is approaching that next stage and entering Kindergarten in the fall!!!  {insert tears}

Happy Friday Everyone!! 

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