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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July Projects ….

Wedding Shower 
The last weekend in June I helped host a bridal shower ….. More coming soon but here’s a peek at the cake I made and had to travel 2 hours with in my car!!  YIKES but happily I can report we arrived with no incidents!  Talk about stressful!  I saw the cake idea pinterest.  Yes, I’m slightly addicted to pinterest ;)


4th of July Tie Dyed T-shirts
We made tie dye shirts for the fourth of July but due to the weather the kids didn’t get to wear the shirts to the game.  Oh well, they had fun making them!!



Fairy Garden
Soon to be the home for our fairy garden on our patio … We’ve been collected items for the Fairy Garden and now we just need to find time to put it all together! 

We made stepping stones a few weeks ago ….. blog post coming soon but here’s how one of the stones turned out.

Dinner Menu
So we’ve started this new idea (Lilly’s idea) for dinner.  Honestly, I hate dinner and I hate the text message question in the middle of the day while I’m working WHAT’s for Dinner?  Really, I don’t know and my usual response is IDK and I’m not hungry now?  LOL   So Lilly came up with the idea that we each get a night and whoever’s night it is picks dinner and EVERYONE has to eat what that person picks.   Which by the way EVERYONE includes Lilly.  Which means she will have to eat and try new things ;)  She made the rules and then shortly after realized what she set herself up for… TRYING NEW THINGS!   So we’ll see how this goes …. week one starts next week per Lilly’s rules. 

Sloppy Joe Casserole

I saw this recipe idea on Six Sisters’ – Sloppy Joe Casserole
You can find their recipe here …. But I changed it a little when I made it.  I cheated I used manwich and it turned out perfect and it was a huge hit!  I followed the baking instructions from the Six Sisters’ version.
The big project is my office remodel……..  If you are on instagram you know that we built a craft table for my office and I hope this weekend to have it ready to move into the office.  I’m so excited and I’m sure the rest of my family is happy that there will no longer be piles of craft projects all over the house! 


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