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Saturday, August 3, 2013

How to make a Dream Catcher {Tutorial}



Dreamcatcher Tutorial {The Preppy Strawberry}


Last weekend we were crossing off some of Lilly’s Summer bucket list.  One of her things to do this Summer was to make a dream catcher. 


Do you do a summer bucket list with your kids? 


So here’s what you will need for this project …



Dreamcatcher Tutorial {The Preppy Strawberry}

1. Metal Macramé Ring  - I found this one at Joann’s and think it was around .79 cents

2.)  pick out some hemp cord – this is what you will use to wrap around the ring.  The cord pictured above was about  3 yards and I had some left over. 

3.)  embroidery thread/floss – any color you want  you will be using this for the dreamcatcher net

4) beads or any decoration was you want to add to your dream catcher

* not pictured you will need a needle as you thread the floss around the ring and create the dreamcatcher net


Dreamcatcher Tutorial {The Preppy Strawberry}


Instructions:  I watched several YouTube videos on how to make a dream catcher but this video below was the best … at least I thought it was


Here’s how our dreamcatcher turned out

Dreamcatcher Tutorial {The Preppy Strawberry}

It’s now hanging above Lilly’s window by her bed ……….. so far thumbs up that she hasn’t had any bad dreams ;)



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  1. I like dream catchers, and think that's it cool that you shared how to make them. I found you via G+, by the way. Nice to meet you!


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