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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Well Hello Fall ….


The Preppy Strawberry

Hello Again!  It’s been a while since I last posted and well it’s just been that crazy around here.  


This Summer well if you want to call it Summer (weather around here was kind of crappy for the Summer) had me all off schedule!  Since, I work Full time outside the home I felt like I had to do more “Summer stuff” after work this Summer.  You know like go to the pool, head to the lake for the weekends, go visit family, etc.  As a kid my summers were spent at the local swim club and I spent many summers on the Summer swim team and swimming with my friends every day!  I loved every minute of Summer and well I try to live up to giving my daughter the same memories but working presents its challenges.   This summer caught up to me and left me with little or no free time to keep up with all the every day things I need to do …. including posting on this little old blog of mine {sigh} 

I keep reminding myself why I work …… eventually this little girl of mine will be going to college and well you need money saved for that, she wants to dance and this year made the competition team, and we want to continue to provide the best for her, and so all of that requires money.  So off to work I go …. hopefully one day soon I can work from home (just need to find that extra time to create that one ;) 

Then school started – Yippee!  Finally a schedule I can live with!!  I know that sounds crazy and other Mom’s think I’m nuts but when you work every day 5 days a week outside of the home – I’m up early anyway, Summer or no Summer the alarms start going off around 5:00 am in our house.  So yes, I will take the structure of the school schedule ;)  This school year is off to a great start but also has been a huge adjustment time wise for everyone – HOMEWORK and TESTS!  Ok, so I wasn’t expecting another schedule to manage but Ok, here we go homework and test schedule!!!  Homework and Test schedule has taken me sometime to get used to….let’s say still adjusting to that one!  As I sit here now and type up this blog post – I’m still in my work clothes {sigh}.  It’s 11:08 pm and I got dressed at 6:30 am this morning Blah!!!   This school year, Lilly has had some struggles with course work and we just learned today that Lilly needs glasses!  So hopefully, this helps take away some of her frustrations!  I’ve worn glasses and contacts for years and well I know if I couldn’t see or focus on what I was doing that I would be frustrated too!!  So keeping my fingers crossed this helps!! ;)


The Preppy Strawberry

And two weekends ago we picked up this little guy….. Meet our new puppy Barkley!  He is about 7 weeks old now  and is a chocolate lab!  He has been  such a good puppy so far!  Lilly just adores him and well he pretty much follows at her heels every where she goes! 


The Preppy Strawberry



The Preppy Strawberry

So between the crazy summer work schedule, the start of the school year, and the new puppy that’s a little of what I’ve been up to!! 


Happy Fall! 





Now, it’s time to enjoy October and get back to creating some fun projects!!! 

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