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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

IPOD Birthday Cake

Here is one of my birthday cake creations! I love birthdays and I enjoy making a big deal out of my family and friends birthdays. This cake I made for my little sister who will be 14 next month who was visiting me from Florida last week. As you can see I made her an IPOD cake and in PINK of course - what other color would a 14 year old girl want!! This was so easy to make I thought I would share the instructions!

Cake - I just used a store bought cake mix and then added some almond flavoring to the cake;)

ICING - I just used a basic butter cream icing recipe.

Cake- I baked my cake in a 13X9 pan and after it cooled I flipped it over and iced it!! The 13X9 pan was the perfect size!!

** this was the first cake that I made in awhile that I wasn't cutting off some cake and dealing with all the extra crumbs!!

To make the circle I used one of my small glass bowls and with a knife I traced around the bowl. You don't want to cut the cake out just trace around. I then iced this section with white. For the screen part I did the same thing only I just eye balled this section and after I had it traced I iced the screen part.

After these two sections were done I iced the whole cake in PINK and then trimmed the cake with squiggly icing trim - just for fun!! My sister loves my icing so the more the merrier!!

To make the headphones I bought the peel off twizzlers and took (3) pieces two I used to make the connection to the ear pieces and then the 3rd piece I tied to the two and made the connection into the side of the cake. I then used (2) marshmallows for my ear pieces!

And that was it! My IPOD cake!!

Oh and then we wrote her name on the screen!

Any questions about this or if you make your own IPOD cake - share your photos with me!!

Happy Baking!!

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