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Friday, April 23, 2010

Creative Storage Idea!

This is what I'm talking about..... after a morning of a 3 1/2 year old playing

If you have toddler or kids you will understand the challenge for keeping all those toys put away! Some days I swear I was put on this planet to walk around my house in circles organizing toys, putting dishes away, emptying my dishwasher (sometimes twice a day), and picking up all those toys, dolls, and now Barbie clothes! I've tried for years, to figure out the best way to organize the toys!! In December, I bought brand new curtain panels for my kitchen, sliding glass door, and our huge front window. For some reason, I "save" things as my husband likes to say. I'm not a pack rat but sometimes I see something and I think of another use for it! Well, that is exactly what happened when I ended up with 10 empty curtain bags! You know those same bags sheets come in - plastic case with a zipper?! It was my Ahh moment of TOY STORAGE BAGS! Yes, each bag will have a picture of what goes in and they will fit so nice in the built in cabinet! So if you are looking for a great way to store your kids toys - save the plastic cases that sheets for curtains come in! Its' a great way to recycle and they are FREE (well kind of) Here's what I did...

Each Toy family got it's own bag.. my little pony's, strawberry shortcake, Barbie clothes, Dora and Diego, cars, and all the little people. It makes things so nice! Don't get me wrong it won't solve all of the clean up but at least when things are put away they are organized!

Do you have any ideas or solutions that you use? Let me know how it goes if you try my idea! I love comments so comment away!! ;)
My new curtains ;) which led to my new toy organization! Don't mind the table in the photo we are growing our herbs indoors until the weather decides to stay *warm*

Dora and Diego toys in there new home - the plastic bags from my curtains!!
My little pony's - see I even printed off a picture so she knows what belongs in each bag!

Ahhh...............toy organization! Don't they look so happy in there new home! I love seeing toys picked up! ;)


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