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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making your blog printer friendly

As part of my 31 day challenge to building a better blog, I'm also trying to make my blog user friendly.  I found this great website that you can install the print/pdf widget on your template to make your pages printer friendly!  How cool is that!  It's so easy to install and it will allow you to print my posts in a user friendly format or save to a .pdf file.  I know in the past I will find a cool tutorial on a blog but the page isn't printer friendly?  Well here is a quick and easy way to make your page printer friendly for every post.  

Follow the steps below to install the widget on your template.  

Go to Printer Friendly and click on website and it will walk you through the steps.  

You will need to add the widget HTML code to your template and to easily find this without scrolling through all the HTML is to  do a "CTRL F".  This will pop up a search box in the top right hand corner of your browser.  A drop down box will appear and this is where you can  copy and paste the code that you need to look for in your template. It will search your template for this code.  Next, all you need to do is past your new widget code right after the highlighted code and hit save!  Seriously, it is that easy!  

This literally took me less then 5 minutes to install!  

You will now notice below my post there is a printer friendly/pdf option.  

**This was not part of my day 3 challenge this was just something I came across this week and thought it might be helpful if you have a blog.  

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  1. Great tip! I'd never thought about anyone wanting to print a page from my blog....Hope you have a great weekend!


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