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Monday, August 16, 2010

Challenges of the WHAM

I can't believe I'm approaching 10 months since I lost my full time job!  The past 10 months have been such an emotional and financing roller coaster that some days most days it's hard for me to stay focused.  My stress level has been through the roof and last week was just one of those weeks.  Too much going on and I just need to take a break and figure out my next path.  As I've mentioned before I need to work and since my luck of the job market has been slim pickings!  I'm at the point now that I need to get creative!  A year ago, I started my online company Lillian Aerin & Co. and well now I'm going to expand this company to an event company.  This past weekend was my first baptism and first event.  A friend of mine needed help with the decorating and favors so she asked me to help her out.  I will say it was so much fun putting this together!  Along with this event side I'm also looking at another pieces of my event offering and I am in the initial stages of putting this together.  Once, I have my full plan together I will post more details.  The challenges of starting a business come with a lot of stress and on top of this I'm trying to manage all of this with a 4 year old at home with me, the stress I'm under from everything else, and just the stress of putting yourself out there some days is too much!    Last week, when I took a break from all of my blogging and social media addictions to focus on this next chapter.  I must say, I miss all my blogging friends, blogging, twitter chatting and facebook!  My husband felt like I had way to much going on and maybe I do but I really missed posting projects and ideas as well as talking with all of my readers.  As I tried to explain to him, my addition to the social media world is positive!  I've met just from reading other blogs some very talented women with lots of ideas and tips to share! Seriously, this past year I've learned a lot from reading blogs and well as it was a much needed little break I'm glad to to be back!  


  1. Good luck on this new chapter in your life. Sounds like a fun adventure. And we'll all still be here. Do what you need to do.

  2. that's so awesome! good luck with your expanded business!


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