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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blogging Tutorial - How to make your own favicon

Today, I was playing around with my blog and I decided to create my own favicon for my blog!  I found this awesome tutorial over at Tip Junkie and literally in 10 min I had created my favicon!  Yes, it was that easy!  What I did was I took my blog button and uploaded to it picnik and then resized it to 15X15 and followed the steps over at Tip Junkie.   

My new favicon! 

So now on the tab you should see a little mini blog button on the top of my blog page.   

It's amazing how much I learn by just blogging - seriously, two years ago I would have never imagined I could create my own banner, blog button, and favicon!  

I love the blogging world!  So many amazing bloggers out there sharing all kinds of knowledge!  

Have a great afternoon!  

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  1. I learned how to do it a couple months ago, and it's such a cool little thing to have!


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