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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Facebook Fan Page

Do you have a facebook account?  If you have a blog or business do you have a fan page?  I know when I created my FB page for my business over a year ago - it was pretty confusing!  I pretty much stumbled my way around facebook to create my fan page.  In the past, Facebook didn't make it easy for us to find these links to create the fan pages.  Below is a step by step guide on how to create your own facebook page for your blog or business.   

1)  First off - you need a facebook account.  If you do not have a facebook page for yourself you will need to create an account.  start here

2)  Creating your Fan Page- Click Here to create a new page

3)  Next choose a category - brand, organization, or product.  From here you will then select Website

4)  On Next Page you will enter this name - This is where you will enter your blogs name.  

5.)  Select CREATE PAGE

6)  Now you are ready to customize your page - First you will need to select an image for your FB page profile.  I would suggest using your blog button for this or if you have been using a picture of yourself.  I would recommend using that familiar icon that your readers associate with your blog.  

7)  Uploading your picture - mouse over the ? and you will see an "change picture" link - click on this to upload that new picture.  

8)  Next you will want to add "info" about your blog - be sure to include your blogs address, twitter info, email info in this section.  

9.)  You will want to add a short bio about your blog so readers that are just finding you on FB will have a brief overview of what your blog is about.  

10.)  Import your RSS Feed - This will make your life easy!  By importing your RSS feed it will automatically post over to your FB account every time you make a new post on your blog!!   Go to the left side bar and under your profile picture select EDIT PAGE

11).  Look down on the page for NOTES and then click EDIT.  To the right you will see "IMPORT A BLOG"

12)  Next you will need to copy over your RSS feed URL, click the check box, and click “START IMPORTING"  
- make sure you check the box below agreeing to the terms.  

13)  Start IMPORTING your blog 

14.)  To the right you will see a box - select CONFIRM IMPORT

15)  Now you will be back at your Home page - If you haven't already you will notice under your profile picture a small blurb box - be sure to write something about your blog here.   

16)  NOW "Like" your page! 

If you create a new page for your blog come back and leave me a comment and I will be sure to go and "like" your new fan page.    Be sure to "like" The Preppy Strawberry on Facebook - you can find me here!  

** This post is part of Day 2 of the @ProBlogger #SITSGirls31DBBB challenge

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  1. Hi! I am yuour newest follower from the Follow Me CHickadee Tuesday. I love your blog. I was actually just thinking about making a fan page so thanks for showing me how. I would love for you to come by and visit my blog!


  2. New follower from Follow me Chickadee...Thanks for the Facebook fan page tips! I have a new fan page...http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hand-Made-and-Lovely/164819080232274
    I'm off to "like" your page!

  3. I wish I could get excited about social media. I think I have a different idea of what it's supposed to be so it hasn't worked out. I like keeping things on my blog but I see the benefits of Facebook. I'll keep it in mind.

  4. Hi, Dawn here. Found your blog from the 31DBBB challenge. I was going to create a fan page on fb for my blog, but then I'd have to promote it and blah blah...I use Networked Blogs to feed my posts on my wall so all my friends can see them that way.


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