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Monday, November 28, 2011

What is your elf up to?

You can read about Linus's arrival 2010 ..... 

Well Linus made his first appearance this weekend and boy what a SURPRISE it was!  It was a video moment that was not caught on video!  Lilly was so excited that Linus was back she was almost speechless Saturday morning!  So far, our Elf was on the stair railing, in the candy jar, and then today was sitting in Lilly's chair.   Today, Linus was in Lilly's chair - this was to give her a time out of the chair.  All weekend she was rocking in it, pushing the back down - you know doing all of the things you shouldn't do to the chair.  So after both of us yelling at her all day about the chair I decided that's where Linus will sit all day.  Boy what a bummer, she couldn't move him to sit in and she was mad he was in the chair!  It was comical but I told her he must have heard her all day getting in trouble and Santa sent him back to sit in the chair! lol   

The Grinch joined Linus - Lilly said it was so the Elf's magic would rub off on the grinch! lol

Wonder what Linus will be up to tomorrow?  

What is your elf to this Christmas Season? 

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