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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What are you pinning?

What are you pinning?  Do you find yourself following blogs from your reader or are you keeping up them off of pinterest? I can tell you I'm using pinterest more than my reader these days - sad but true!  It's probably been at least 45 days since I logged into my reader <-- I know shame on me!! 

If you are like me I spend many evenings on the couch with the laptop on my lap browsing around pinterest!  I love the pinterest app and browse while I'm at lunch, waiting at dance practice, and in between all of my meetings.  

Back in February, I hosted a girls night pinterest inspired party at my house and now this has become a once a month meet up. We started as 3 and have grown to a group of 12+ girls.  

The idea started because I know I will never make every craft I pin, or recipe so the idea behind the GNO pinterest party is that we pick a craft to do as a group and then everyone makes an appetizer or dessert from a recipe they've pinned!  Talk about yummy food!   We've tried such things as , Greek layer dip, cake batter rice crispie treats,  salsa (pioneer woman recipe) , slutty brownies (yes, not making that name up it's what they are called!!) - because they are "Oh so easy and more than a little bit filthy", stuffed mushrooms, Easter peep pudding cups, and the list goes on ... 

Stay tuned more GNO Pinterest party details coming soon!  

So this week so far from  Pinterest  I've made these .... OMG they are so good!  If you are following weight watchers they are only 1 point on points plus!!(yes, I just started)) ;)  

Carb Free Cloud Bread 
Here is the receipe link that I found from  Pinterest ~  

Carb Free Cloud Bread... so weird I must try!

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