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Thursday, September 27, 2012

{DIY} Ruler Growth Chart ~ September Wreath

Today as part of The SIT's girls day 4 challenge we are supposed to share with our readers a  fall craft or an autumn recipe.  Today, I'm going to share a fall craft idea with you!

I started this apple growth chart back when daughter started Preschool at age 3 - this year she entered into the First Grade.  She will eventually outgrow this ruler by the time she hits middle school but it's definitely a keepsake she can use when she has children one day.

Pine board - I purchased mine at home depot for under 9.00
Yellow spray paint
Gold Spray Paint
Black Sharpie Marker or Black Paint and fine tip paint brush
Apple Stencils - or Stencil of your choice.  I chose apples and I used my cricut machine to cut out the apples

All I did to my board is cut it to work with my front door - so size will vary as to how tall you want your growth chart to be.  

I bought yellow spray paint and painted the front of my board and my sides yellow.  I let it dry completely and then I did a second coat.  

After the board dries you will need to use your ruler to start marking off your inches and 1/2 inches.  I counted by 2's on my board - this takes some time so be patient!  I ended up just using a black sharpie marker to mark my lines off - first I did it in pencil and went back over with the marker 

STENCIL- Numbers and Apples 
Sorry, I have no pictures of the actual stenciling of the numbers and apples but all I did was I created a stencil using my cricut for numbers and my apples.  I traced the numbers in pencil first and then went back and filled in with the sharpie marker.  The apples I sponged on using my stencil and just random spaced the apples on the growth chart.  Once the board was dry my husband drilled a screw in the back so I could hang it on the front door hook.  

Using the Gold Spray paint - You will use this to create the ruler edge at the top and the bottom of the ruler. I used painters tape to help create the straight edge line for my gold spray paint.  

Happy Crafting!!!  

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Finished Ruler 


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