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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Craft Club …..

Here’s a peak at pictures from craft club last Friday night …..
I think we need to come up with better name?  What do you think?  In fact we don’t really have a name? 

Craft Club got started last February and was inspired from the pinterest craze.  At the first craft night we made the T-Shirt scarves – Super cute!  If you haven’t tried making one they are super easy and even make cute gifts.  Here are a few links on how to make the T-Shirt scarves

T-Shirt Scarf Tutorials

whole list of cute t-shirt scarves can be found over here at my blessed life - CLICK HERE 

Christmas Craft Club….
Festive Holiday craft to share ....

This month we met on Nov. 30th so we kicked off the Christmas season early with some JOY!  We made modge podge paper mache letters and some of us decorate with Christmas paper and others made their letters neutral. 

Did I mention we invited our daughters to join us and they got to paint their initials?  It was a fun evening filled with lots of laughs, good food, and a finished Christmas project! Oh and the girls put on a holiday show at the end?  They had a great time while the Mom's crafted away ... Happy Times ;) 

Christmas Pinterst Party {DIY} Tutorial

[DIY} Paper Mache Modge Podge Letter Tutorial
Step 1 – you will need to trace your letter on the scrapbook paper of your choice.  You will need to do this for each letter.  After you cut out the letters set these aside you will need the cut out letters in step 4. 
Step 2:  - paint all the sides of the letter except the front –  DO NOT Paint the part you are putting the scrapbook paper on leave as is.  Let the paint dry….
Step 3:  Once the paint is dry and you are happy you can move onto Step 4. If you need to put on a second coat of paint – do this now and after the paint dries completely move onto step 4
Step 4:   Take another foam brush and modge podge the front of the letter. (the part you did not paint.)  Once you have an even coat of modge podge – not to thick but enough that covers the front place your letter cut out on the front.  Let this set for a  about 5 min
step5:  once your paper is glued to the front you will want to modge podge over the top of the paper to secure it in place
Step 6: – let dry – once dried you can add your embellishments! 

Paper Mache Letter Tutorial
1) paper mache letters of your choice ( I bought mine at Joann’s)
2) scrapbook paper – of course you choice!
3)  Modge Podge
4) Paint and foam brushes
5)  any embellishments – paper flowers, ribbon, pom poms, – pretty much any scrapbook embellishment will work! 

Finished projects …..

{DIY} pape mache letter tutorial

above is a set I did using the small paper mache letters

{DIY} paper mache letter tutorial
JOY letters using medium size paper mache letters

Here’s a few other pictures of the finished projects …. My friend Angie posted earlier in the week about craft night.  If you are not a follower of her new blog – check it out!  She’s super creative!
You can find her at Oopsie Maizie – or click on the links below to check out her new blog! 

Photo: oopsie Maizie
maize M
A couple of the girls finished initials… didn't they turn out super cute?!? I just love them! 

Marina M

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Happy Crafting
~ Amy


  1. hmm... a better name? we'll have to think about that one... lol... the girls and i had fun that night... thanks so much for sharing pics of our projects and for mentioning oopsie maizie :)

  2. Those are so cute! Found you through Bloggy Moms.


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