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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Easy Kids Valentine’s Art Project

DIY Kids Valentines Day Art {The Preppy Strawberry}
If you are new  here – Welcome!!  If you’ve been following me for a while you know we like to craft and paint at our house! 
My daughter is becoming obsessed with art projects  and she loves to craft just as much as I do!! Pretty much any free time we have there is some project or drawing going on around here.  
I’ve always loved crafting and making things – even when the crafting idea wasn’t so cool I was crafting (thanks pinterest for making being so crafty cool … yes there is a little sarcasm in that statement… just a little bit ;)) 

DIY Kids Valentines Art

This project we made this past weekend and took about 30 minutes to complete.  We've had freezing temperatures this past week and schools have been either canceled or delayed do to the frigid temperatures!! Yes, it was –14 degrees the other morning!  Someone please pack my bags and move me south!!
Here’s what you will need to get started……….



1- canvas-  we used an 11X14 canvas
paints – I used the Joann’s brand acrylic paint – the bottle are around .59 cents a bottle
( We picked out mint green, turquoise, red, and a pink) – I had most of the colors on hand.  I wanted to make sure I added the blues because my mantle need a little more color than just red!)

paint brushes – we used the circle sponge brushes from this kit
Step 1:  We outlined the heart and then she started painting around it with the circle stencil brush.  We overlapped the colors in the painting process.  After, she had the entire canvas covered she filled in the heart with red paint. 
Valentines Day Kids Art Project { The Preppy Strawberry}
Valentines Day Kids Art Project { The Preppy Strawberry}
work in progress…
Step 2 – let your project dry over night. 
Valentines Day Kids Art Project { The Preppy Strawberry}
saw the idea here … and changed the project a little bit.
Finished project …
Valentines Day Kids Art Project { The Preppy Strawberry}
The mantle is a work in progress ….  Don’t mind the chalkboard which is turned the wrong way .. oops! 



  1. cute project.... great mix of colors : )

  2. Great project and beautiful result! I think Bella is going to enjoy making this one��


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