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Monday, March 4, 2013

Valentine’s Heart Tie Dye Shirt

Where did February go?  Well what I do know is that it flew right by me!!  February was a crazy busy month of work, sickness, and well not enough time in the day! 

This year my daughters class didn’t do the traditional valentines day boxes.  A few Mom’s volunteered and they made the felt envelope for each kid.  They turned out really cute but that also come with some disappointment of not making her own Valentines’ day box.  So in effort to over come that disappoint and tears we made Valentine's Day Tie Dye shirts! 




washable marker

Tie Dye Kit – I purchased mine at Joann’s



Trace your design on the front with the washable marker.  I just used a Crayola marker. 


Trace your design and then after, we colored the hear in with red dye and then I tied up the rest of the shirt. 










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