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Sunday, May 5, 2013

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It’s been a whirl wind of a week around our house this past week.  Beginning of the week was me working extra hours so I could be off Thursday and Friday.   Thursday morning my 6 year old daughter had her tonsils removed, a new set of tubes put in and her adenoids cleaned up again.  So it’s been a challenging few nights – the days seem to better than the nights.  So needless to say, I’m pretty exhausted.  I’m hoping that we round this corner soon and she starts to get comfortable and perk back up! 

It’s was an early morning and I’ve been sitting here with my laptop while she is sleeping on the couch and I’m  tossing ideas for my next post.  At the point of exhaustion I decided just to share with you some pictures from last week. 

Yesterday, I had a pre-Cinco de Mayo lunch for the family – all the grandparents came to visit Lilly yesterday and I made lunch.  We had pulled pork tacos, corn bread, corn salsa and guacamole.  In the busy day, I took zero pictures of lunch but then again I’m not a very good at taking pictures of food (something I would like to work on) plus, staging food while you are entertaining is challenging!


Cinco de Mayo – Margarita Cake

I highly recommend this cake …. I’ve made it several times for Craft Club and it’s amazing!  I didn’t make this yesterday but figured it was a great time to share this cake! 

Click on Photo for Recipe ..




So here’s my weekly recap in pictures …..


photo (130)


Throw back ….. While I was working this week I saw this gem in the parking lot of one of my stores!  I had this exact car in the 90’s – 1990 red Toyota Celica – I loved this car!  It was the first car that I bought and had my first car loan on.  My friends always bring up the car and talk about all the crazy times of where the Celica took us … 

My first car was a Buick Skyhawk that my Dad bought me when I turned 16 and then I had a car accident and my 2nd car that I had the first few years of college was a Camaro and after that I bought my Toyota Celica. 

What was your first car? 


photo (129)

Pre- Surgery treat – Menchies Frozen Yogurt


photo (128)

Nervously waiting for us to be called back …… One thing that never gets easy as many times as we’ve had to put her through new tubes, adenoids is sending your child back for surgery!  My nerves have been on edge since we scheduled this surgery! 


photo (127)


Look how cute Boo is?  They even brought Boo a surgical cap …. 


photo (126)


Very thankful that she can write – she’s been writing me notes because her throat hurts …  She wanted me to get her lego’s  -


photo (125)

I bought her Smash book to write in ….. last night she drew me a “pudol” or poodle.  Isn’t the “pudol” cute?  I love how she made the poodle’s hair look curly!


Have a fabulous week! 



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