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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Traditions ….

Thanksgiving …… This year was a snowy one!  Tuesday night we probably got hit with about 8 inches of heavy snow! 

This is weather I expect around Christmas but not really ready for it on Thanksgiving!!!  We got the driveway cleared and waited for the family to arrive the next day.  The weather changed travel plans and my family ended up all arriving early Thanksgiving morning.  This was my 3rd Thanksgiving that we hosted and I love hosting the holidays!  This time was a little smaller only 12 people to serve dinner too vs. my 24 we’ve hosted in past years! 

preppy strawberry 4

This Summer we upgraded our kitchen table – one of my requirements is that we could fit everyone around one table. 

Well we fit all the adults this year but the kids go their own table! 

The table worked perfect and I’m so glad that we made this purchase! 

It’s so nice having family all around one table talking and catching up!

My family traveled from Florida, Arkansas, and Columbus Ohio.


Preppy Strawberry

Pictures from Tuesday’s snow storm …..

preppy strawberry 1

I love when the snow sticks to the trees it looks so pretty! 


Preppy Strawberry 2

It was coming down fast!!!


Preppy Strawberry Turkey Craft

Turkey Centerpiece Craft – This year I dug out the old Turkey Centerpieces that Lilly and I made when she was in preschool. I posted about the craft back in November of 2010 – read more here

I love how each on has a different facial expression

Preppy Strawberry Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving Place Card – This year Lilly was upgraded to making the place cards for everyone. 

he did this with no help from me and I love her creativity! 

One side had everyone’s name and on the back side she drew a picture that represented each guest …..

My dad loves to Fish and Aunt Tate loves the Ohio State Buckeyes! 



The Preppy Strawberry Pilgrim Cake


Preppy Strawberry Pilgrim Cake



The adults have pie and the kids had Pilgrim

Cakes – how cute are these cakes! 


Preppy Strawberry 3

The girls got a surprise from Nana…. an Early Christmas present! 

So much excitement until they opened up clothes!  Haha!


I hope all of you had a Happy Thanksgiving!! 



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