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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Garden Party

This year for our end of the year picnic we held a garden party! Let me back up for second, I belong to my neighborhoods garden club. Here we meet once a month and throughout the year we do fun events like wine tasting, go to super suppers and make our dinner, and of course hold our annual geranium sale in the spring. Along with all of our regular meetings and events we do an end of the year picnic. This year we decided to do a garden party. We drew names from a hat and split the group up into 3's and formed teams. Each team was supposed to put together a theme, food, drink and decorations for there table. Above is the picture of my teams table. Our theme was a Summer Citrus Celebration. So we used lemons, limes and orange in our theme. Our food consisted of chicken francaise, zesty orange cupcakes, and southern limeade. All of our food was delicious! The cupcakes I made and they turned out so YUMMY!! I will post in another post the cupcake recipe and some pictures.

Below are some pictures of the other tables and what he table theme was?

{ this was the tailgate table - turned out very cute and they served all they yummy foods and beer that we loved to tailgate with!}

{this was the French Vintage Table - this table one for best food and best overall theme. They served all kinds of yummy pastries}

{Tuscan theme table - served Tuscan themed food and drinks}

{ this was my groups food table - here you can see our yummy southern limeade drink. Oh and we won the BEST DRINK!!!}

{another shot of the table}

Do you belong to a garden club? If so every host a garden party like this? If you do share your ideas would love to hear them!!

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