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Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Garland

As a weekend project my daughter and I made Halloween Garland for the kitchen and one for her bedroom. I just construction paper and cute different shapes and then cut out some shapes for the facial features. This was so much fun to do and she put all the pieces together and then I punched holes in each one and hung them on string. I wish I would have thought about taking pictures as we were doing it but it's such a simple craft that if you decide to do this at home you will need little instructions!

You will need:
1) construction paper - i used orange, green, black, white, and yellow
2) we made candy corn, Frankenstein, bat, and pumpkin and i cut out 4 of each design
3) then i cut out eyes, nose, and mouth for pumpkin, bat and Frankenstein.
4) Once i had all the cutting done my daughter was free to create!

This was such a fun project and she had a blast putting it together!

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