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Thursday, December 31, 2009


This morning we woke to winter wonderland! It was picture perfect morning! Today, started out as planned but an hour into our morning the whole day took a different course. Today, was Lilly's school day but with New Years the classes were small but she wanted to go and figured why not?! I mean she could use a day of playing with friends and of course taking a good nap! So we went to school only to find out the preschool was only expecting about 9 total kids for the day. When we arrived there were no kids from her class and she was going to spend the day in a different room - all of which she was not that keen on?! So, since I wasn't working I just said come home with me so what did Mommy and Lilly do when we got home? We built snowman - it was soo much fun! What great way to spend our New Years Eve morning! The snow was perfect and it was in the 30's so it was a perfect day to spend some time outside making our 1st ever snowman! She was riot and all she wanted was for him to have a magic hat. hmmmm.... well good thing Mom stocks up at the Target dollar bins because I bought months ago the Dr. Suess hats - this was peferfect for our snow man!

Happy Holidays!
~Amy =)

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