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Monday, July 19, 2010

My new look

Take the Problogger Challenge with SITS and BlogFrog

Before I get into what my post title is about - I've signed up to take the 31 day challenge to Building a Better Blog!  Woo hoo!!  

I've signed up with the SITS girls and Problogger for this 31 day challenge.  For the next 31 days, we are being challenged to build a better blog!  I'm so excited about this challenge and it's definitely going to make me think outside the box!  A total of 400 other women bloggers signed up for this challenge!  Woo Hoo!  So over the next 31 days you might seem some posts that have to deal with this #31DBBB challenge.  If you follow me on twitter you will also see a large group of tweets using the #31DBBB. That is all in reference to this 31 day challenge.  If you want to read more about this you can find more details right here.  

Now onto my new look~ 

A few weeks back, I mentioned some changes were coming to my blog well they are here!  I figured this was a good time along with the 31 day challenge to make the changes.  You will notice on my blog page today that I changed my blog name.  I know WHAT? Crazy, I know but it needed to be done.   I don't know if you had the same problem but signing up for a blogger account and knowing absolutely nothing about blogging and having to choose a name was really hard!  All the names of I thought of at first were taken and then I thought more about what I was going to blog about to try and come up with a name.  As you can tell from my domain address that my blog is not the http://thingamajigetc.blogspot.com/?  Not even close to my name - right?  My first name was thingamjig - My grandma used to always call things this especially when she couldn't think of the name.  Again, not knowing anything about what my blog would turn into I thought Thingamig covered all my bases.   A month or so into blogging I changed the name, I just didn't really feel like Thingamig fit me so I changed the name to This and That blog spot.  As I explored blog world, I stumbled onto another blog with that same name!  Okay, name change again!  At least all of these name changes took place when I only had a handful of followers.  Last came Strawberry Fields, now anyone of my friends or family will tell you I like strawberries.  The whole thing with strawberries started back in college and was from my sorority. So I named the blog strawberry fields which was its name up until now.   

A few months back, I told my husband about my blog and he asked me what my blogs name was and i told him. He immediately busted out the The Beatles song Strawberry Fields.  YIKES, I didn't want to name my blog after the Beatles song!  Geez, I would hate see if they wanted me to pay for using the name. Plus, I couldn't buy the domain name for my blog with that name!  So as my 1 year blog anniversary approached I started thinking about a new name.  And the new name is ... 

Yes, I am preppy, I like Preppy things, and of course there is my strawberry.  All things that represent me.  

If you are reading this in your reader it will still say Strawberry Fields.  I wanted to post this before I changed it and give everyone a few days to catch on before I changed my name on my blogger profile.    

Over the next few months, I am going to make the switch over to wordpress so hang tight with me as I make these changes!  Lots of good things to come!  

P.S.  - Don't forget to grab my button!  Check out my sidebar and feel free to grab my new button!  Let me know if you add the button to your blog and I will return the favor if you have a button so just let me know!  


  1. It's all part of the evolution!

  2. Very cute! Good luck on the 31 Day Challenge. I think the challenge for today is probably cake compared with what's to come. I'm going to grab your button when I get a chance. Congrats on that and the name change! :)

  3. I never thought about the Beetles song. The new name is cute too


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