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Sunday, August 29, 2010

We are home... weekend recap

We are back on and counting the days to back to school!  Here is a little peek at our week visiting with my sister.  The cousins got to spend a lot of time together from kite flying, to back to school hair cuts, and there favorite mission trip was to get ice cream!  

We went for hair cuts at Cookie Cutters a kids salon- How cute is this place?  I took the girls for back to school hair cuts last week and they had a blast.  They both got to pick there station - Lilly picked an airplane and she chose to watch Finding Nemo.  My niece picked Clifford and she chose to watch Max and Ruby during her hair cut.  This salon is so cute and obviously kid friendly!  Each child gets to pick there hair cut station and then they get to pick out a movie to watch.  It was a totally painless hair cut session for me and the girls listened and my daughter even let me have 4 inches cut off her hair!  It was just getting a little long for a 4 year old to take care of  ;) (wink wink)  

We also bought kites and the girls went kite flying one afternoon - Best activity to convince a 3 and 4 year old they need a nap!  They ran non stop trying to keep the kites flying and by the end they were exhausted!  

Now today, I'm off to an open house at the dance studio to check out fall dance classes for Lilly!  

My photo's this week are from my blackberry - what would we do with out cell phone camera's?  Especially, when you forget to charge your camera battery!!

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What did you do fun this weekend?  


  1. I went to Oxford for a sorority alum meeting. I got to hang out with one of my good friends and her family for the evening.

  2. Welcome home. Looks ilke a fun weekend getting geared up for fall.

  3. i really wish there were kids hair places like that near us!

  4. My daughter just had a haircut too and I'm so glad it grows quickly. We wanted shoulder length and it is much shorter. Gulp. Thanks for the kind comment regarding little man and the bully. We are keeping our fingers crossed.


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