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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Capri Sun ... beware!

** Update**  This afternoon I spoke to Kraft Foods customer service line and they are sending me a coupon for $4.00 of my next purchase?!  I was told that the pouch must not have been sealed right and that is what caused the mold to grow!  YUCK YUCK!  We were buying the Capri Sun in the bulk package at Sams Club but seriously after last night, I question any juice box now?  I think they need to make the juice boxes in clear boxes or pouches so we can see what is really in the box?  What do you think?  

Happy Tuesday and Back to School for a lot of you! Tomorrow, Lilly heads back to school day! Lucky for me, I have one last day to make sure I have everything together!

If you buy or your kids drink juice boxes please beware! Yesterday, we had a horrible and disgusting juice box incident with a Capri Sun juice box. We only have drink boxes for the convenience of maybe we are going to the pool, a lunch box treat, or a road trip. On most days my little one would prefer juice in a cup. Last night, she wanted a juice box and a few minutes after opening it up she is crying and telling it was yucky and tasted like cheese. I immediately took the juice pouch to cut it open to find MOLD growing inside the pouch. YES MOLD- I wanted to gag and I felt horrible for her that this happened! As a parent or consumer we have no way of seeing what is inside the box of any juice box! So it makes me wonder how many times this has happened before? I tried calling Kraft foods this morning but they were not open. I'm assuming they were not open because they are in a different time zone and not because they are selling moldy Capri Sun Juice boxes. I wanted to make this quick post since we are in back to school mode and everyone is buying up the convenience items for the lunch boxes. If it feels strange or maybe feels a little light to just double check it! Earlier this summer a HS friend of mine posted this same FYI on her facebook wall and I remember reading it but didn't realize it was a Carpi Sun juice box. She had the exact same thing happen to a juice box she gave her son. Just an FYI for all you Moms or juice box drinkers out there just beware.

Once I have an update from Kraft on this I'll be sure to post another update!


  1. That is horrible!!! Oh my.

    So glad you stopped by for tasty tuesdays. Now I'll be on the look out for the caprisuns.

  2. That is just so gross! I'll think twice about any juice boxes!


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