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Monday, September 20, 2010

The diaper bag dilemma

As Mom's we all have those OMG stories of things that are kids have done and we've been totally unprepared as moms for it.  Let me share with you my OMG from Friday night.    Friday, we had to go pick up Chris (AKA - Daddy or husband) at the airport.  Really, no big deal he was flying into Pittsburgh which is about a 50 min drive and easy trip to make. His flight didn't come in until 8:00 pm so before we left Lilly and I stopped for dinner on our way out of town.  Before leaving the house, I said Please go potty because we are going on a road trip and there are no potty's.  Well there are just not conveniently located!  Haha, a little Mom trick to get her to go!  Before we leave dinner, I said do you have to go Potty--- Lilly:   NO.  ME: Are you sure you don't want to try? Lilly:   Mommy, I just went at home and nothing will come out if I go.  As you are already guessing this post has to do with a 4 year old, a potty, road trip, and a Mom who no longer carries a diaper bag!  We get into the car she gets her leapster out and we are all set to hit the road.  We get to about 10 min from the airport and she asks me from the back...Lilly:  Does Daddy's airport have pottys?  ME:  yes, why do you have to go?  Lilly:  Yes, really really bad!  But I can hold it.  ME:  Are you sure you can hold it until we park and get into the airport?  Lilly: Yes, Mommy.   We park and we get out and are in the airport waiting area and I go come on let's go you said you had to go potty. Remember 15 minutes she told me she had to go really really bad!  Now, the airport scene has made her forget about her bladder being ready to explode.  So we head into the bathroom and I'm helping with her jeans and she screams I'm really really sorry!!  SHE is PEEING on me as I try to take her pants down! {insert SCREAM HERE}  In my head i'm screaming to myself are you F'N kidding me!  Come Lilly!!  Out loud, it sounds more like.. It's  okay Lilly we will get it cleaned up!  ME:  Again, trying not to upset her but in my head - I have no diaper wipes, I have no change of clothes. I mean come on she's 4!  We haven't had an accident like this in well at least over a year that I can remember!  So now, I'm in an airport with no resources, I look around no other Moms to be found.   Now, she has this whole thing about when her clothes are wet we have to take them off and put on new.   So now she's crying because he clothes are wet.  Luckily for her and I don't know how this happened but she really only got her underwear!  So I took off the underwear and tossed them!  Of  course now she was so upset I threw them out!  Seriously, I'll buy you new little mermaid underwear because I'm not putting wet underwear in my purse!!    Again, no diaper bag which means I have no dirty diaper bags and again NO Mom or other diaper bag in site!  Can you hear me screaming now?  lol     Her jeans on the bottom have little on the bottom and then she had to put them on with out underwear.  Lilly:  Mommy you don't have another pair of underwear in your purse?  ME: No, Lilly Mommy doesn't carry spare underwear in her purse.  So my lesson, going into my SUV is a ziploc bag with extra underwear, pants, and top.  Or buy a bigger purse than I already carry and lug around an extra pair of clothes every day!  I couldn't believe this happened!  

So what embarrassing or frustrating Mom moments have you had?  

Just curious ... when did you stop carrying a diaper bag?  Because, right now I'm thinking I need to go back to one!


  1. I am not at the point yet where I don't need a diaper bag, but I totally forgot it today when we went out. And my 6 month old is formula fed. Not one of my best mommy moments.

  2. Oh, that would be so horrible! I still carry a diaper bag, but Maddie is just now 2. And I can honestly say that I haven't had any extra undies or pants for Kate in there for a while.


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