"" The Preppy Strawberry: 2010 Christmas Cookie Recipe Exchange

Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010 Christmas Cookie Recipe Exchange

 For 30 days, I will host a Christmas Cookie Recipe Exchange!  Since, we can't actually exchange cookies we are going to share our favorite recipes.  One of my favorite things about the holidays is baking Christmas cookies!  Next, weekend I will begin my baking madness!  I hope you will join in the fun and share with us your favorite Christmas Cookies!  

Happy Baking!! 


  1. I love this idea and I'm glad I saw this in time! lol So how exactly does this work? Do we just post the recipes whenever we like for the month or are there certain days? I'm so looking forward to seeing some new cookie recipes. ;) Love Xmas cookies!

  2. Great idea! I will be back for recipes and more. ;) I love holiday baking!


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