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Friday, November 19, 2010

A four year olds Christmas "Wish" list

I think it's tradition with every kid that once the Christmas toy book arrives they start to circle away and create their wish list for Santa.  I remember as a kid waiting for that big Sears Wish book to arrive.  My sister and I would fight over who got to look at it the book first.  I'm sure that several pages were ripped in the process.  Well, today it's the Toys R Us big book or the Target Toy book that my daughter loves to look at over and over!  Last year, she had 3 things that for weeks she asked for over and over and this made it easy for Santa to choose the "Hot" items for Christmas.  This year, well she wants everything and the list is always changing?  First, she told me she needed a new kitchen.  

Lilly:  Mommy, I need a new kitchen? Okay?  ME:  You have a kitchen  
Lilly:  Yes, but that's from when I was a baby and I'm a big girl now so I need a big girl kitchen... like this one?  Now, showing me a pottery barn style wood kitchen.  Me:  Okay, well mark it on your list and we can ask Santa but remember this is only a wish list and we don't always get everything we put on it.  Lilly:  Well, I could sell my kitchen?  ME:  where are you going to sell your kitchen?  Lilly:  You could have a garage sale and I will sell it - and I won't cry when someone buys it?  Please?  

At this point, I'm trying to keep a straight face and not let her think that she has a bright idea about selling her kitchen so she can get a new one.  I told her the week before that she is going to have to get rid of some of these baby toys to make room for ALL these big girl toys she wants.  In my head, I'm thinking to myself WOW she really put some thought into how she was going to get this kitchen?  I guess, she does really listen to me or hears what I'm saying even when I think she's turned off her listening ears.  

With Black Friday approaching, I have no idea what she is getting and last year I had almost everything bought after Thanksgiving weekend.  

Have you hear of the Lalaloopsy Dolls?  This is really the only "wish" item that I keep hearing about?  I saw the dolls last weekend at Target and I thought they were a rag doll but they are almost all plastic and have buttons for eyes?  I was talking with other Mom's at dance and it seems like all the little girls want this doll?  Anyone else out there have this doll on their Christmas List?  

The second wish list item that she added yesterday was the American Girl Doll - Julie.  Yes, somehow my husband is on the American Girl mailing list?  I need to ask him about this one?  Yesterday, in the mail arrives the catalog...... you could just see the twinkle in her eye!  In my head, I'm like NO not yet, we are supposed to get through one more Christmas before the American Girl craze hits our house!  Don't get me wrong, she will get a doll and I will encourage American Girl dolls one because they have this wholesomeness about them.  I let her look at the book and I just call them dolls.  I never told her their names or what they all about I just let her look at the catalog.  After she's done looking at it she comes to find me:  

Lilly: Mommy, I want one of these American Magic Dolls? Me:  You want what?  ( In my head I'm thinking did she just say American Magic Doll?  Because one I never told her anything about these dolls for her to know they are called American Girl dolls?  Plus, she's only 4 and I don't think she can read yet?  No clue were the American Magic Doll came from???  Lilly:  This one .. isn't she pretty?  <--she's pointing to the Julie doll.  Me: Yes, Lilly she is very pretty, what did you call her?  Lilly:  American Magic Doll - Me:  Okay, well you can put her on your list but these dolls are for girls who are 5+  so Santa might not bring it for you?  But you can ask him.....

I do love the fact that each American Girl doll has a little history with it and is based on a character in the American Girl book series.  Plus, they provide a little history lesson about a particular time period in our American History.  I have no problem making the investment in these dolls because not only do they offer a little history lesson but also the book series provides young girls with books on friendships, a guide to starting middle school, a girls guide to money, and much more.  In today's world as parents we have to prepare these young girls as best as we can to stand on there own two feet when we are not around. 

Anyone else out there have the American Girl craze in there house?  

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