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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and spent lots of time with family and friends!  This year we traveled all day and the spent the day with my husbands family.  Our weekend went something like this ... started off on Monday with a first grade feast 

all 101 first graders eating at the feast 

Monday 11/19 - What a great morning spent at Lilly's school for the first grade feast!  All 101 first graders ate in the hallway at one big table and they were either Pilgrims or Indians.  I was supposed to bring cookies or cupcakes but Lilly and I made donut acorns!  In the afternoon her class was watching a movie so I put together the Paper bag Turkey full of popcorn for an afternoon treat for the class.  

treats I sent to school - acorn donuts! 

popcorn paper bag turkey 
idea can be found here 

Wednesday night I spent the night doing laundry so Lilly could stay the weekend and Grandma and Papa's.  When did Wednesday before Thanksgiving become laundry night?  I really wish some times I could go back to the college fun days because I loved Wednesday before Thanksgiving coming home and going out and seeing everyone home from college - always the best night! I think i need to better plan my calendar next year so we can do something fun!  

this is my view from the line ... pretty close!! ;) 

Did you black Friday shop? Or Thanksgiving shop?  What are they going to call Thanksgiving shopping at 8pm or 9pm ?  I wasn't going to go out on Thanksgiving because honestly, I felt bad for the retail employees who had to leave their families to head out to work!  Well, they suckered us in with the deals!!  On our way back (did I tell you with out kids!!!)  we stopped at a target and were 70 in line!!  Yippee, I could see the Target sign from my spot in line and we were the 3rd group into the store.  We went for the holiday bundle on the XBOX and  we were in and out of the store in 15 min!!  Ended up with the holiday bargains of the XBOX bundle, new pots and pans (for us from Santa ;) )  and the Brave movie and we saved a whole 163.17 for waiting in line not a bad deal!  Another plus was it was 61 degrees on Thanksgiving here in Ohio so it made standing in line really nice this year!  No weather elements to battle this year for those Black Friday! 

target savings on Thanksgiving - WooHoo!!

Friday -   we  tried to recover from the crazy hours we kept on Thursday from  black friday shopping and then back up early for the stores that didn't open until 6am.  Crazy!!!

Saturday-  Here in Ohio it was big football weekend with OSU vs. Michigan game day!! Woo Hoo - go Buckeyes ! we also cooked a Turkey dinner only because my husband wanted left overs and when you don't host there are not many left overs!  

I don't know but my husband must watch me take random pictures things and post on instagram or for the blog - he took these shots of the turkey he cooked so figured i would share ... 

turkey heading into the oven at 6:40 am!  We are crazy! 

the bird getting ready to be carved 

Happy Holidays everyone! 

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