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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Penguin Art Project

Penguin Art Project {The Preppy Strawberry)

Looking for a fun art project to keep the kids busy this winter?  Well look no further … Penguin Art project will help keep them busy!  This project we did in two days only because we started the background too late one evening.   This is a perfect project for the snow day – start the project in the morning and paint the back ground first  and let it dry completely.  Then in the afternoon wrap up with finishing the penguin and adding any last details. 
  1. Paper – white paper for background, black, white, orange
  2. Paint
  3. scissors
  4. misc. supplies, scrap fabric, yarn,
we used 8 1/2 X 11 watercolor paper but you can use a larger piece – it’s up to you!  Just note that depending on your paper size will depend on how large your penguin will need to be cut. For paint, I just used the poster board paint that we had on hand.  

Step 1:   for this step I just put out all the paint I had and told her to create a background for the penguin.  - As you can tell she created a rainbow background with all of the colors.  Let the paper completely dry before moving onto the next steps.
Penguin Art Project {The Preppy Strawberry)

Step 2:  once the paper has dried start working on your penguin.  To create the penguin you will cute a U shape out of your black paper.  This will be the penguins body.  Now, make sure your body is small or big enough to fit on your background paper you used in step 1.  After, you have the black U cut out – take the white paper and now cut out another U but make this one a little smaller – this will be the penguins front.  For the wings, beak, and feet  just have them cut them out any way they would like!  Set these pieces aside

Penguin Art Project {The Preppy Strawberry)
Step 3:  Take your extra white paper and cut out your iceberg – this is what your penguin is going to sit on and what you will be gluing to the background first. 

Step 4:  Glue your iceberg to your background.  Once you have this attached start putting your penguin together on the background.  Once your penguin is assembled you can move onto decorating and dressing penguin. 
We used fabric scraps and pomp poms for his hat and gloves. 

Penguin Art Project {The Preppy Strawberry)

Penguin Art Project {The Preppy Strawberry)
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Happy Crafting!!


  1. Such a pretty project Amy! I love it! Pinned it for you! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  2. this looks like a fun project to do with the girls... thanks for sharing, amy :)

  3. So creative. I wish my kids were young again to do that. Now I have grandbabies. Will have to get crafty with them. Followed you from SITS to blog hop.

  4. Hosting and following from http://www.callmepmc.com/2013/02/grow-your-blog-link-party-2-7-13-call.html#more, love the name of your blog!! ~ Paula pmctunejones@gmail.com


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